Black Jack (OVA): 1×12

Black Jack (OVA): 1x12


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A woman collapses on Black Jack’s flight to Tokyo and requires immediate emergency treatment. The airplane is redirected to South Korea, but it is a trick, and Jack is abducted and taken to the neighboring country of Anryon. Jack is pressured into treating their leader, General Che Hyoku, who is suffering from a glioma, however he is allergic to common anestheitics. Jack is also caught in the midst of a violent political struggle for power between the general’s militant son Tebyon and a revolutionary group led by his other son Jongi. After the general hands power to Tebyon open warefare breaks out. Tebyon orders an attempt on Jack’s life but he survives along with Ajun, the beautiful sister of Jongi and with whom he has formed a romantic attachment. Jack decides to use electro-anesthesia to operate on the general and the operation is successful, but when Ajun threatens to kill the general for murdering her parents, he pulls a gun and shoots her. For the first time, Jack regrets saving a patient, and races to take the dying Ajun to the South Korea border where she dies in his arms.

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